15 Email Copy Writing Tips

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Email copies are slightly different than writing anything else. With so many emails demanding their attention in the inbox a person won’t spend too much time reading one single email. She/he will hit the ‘back’ button rather quickly. Moreover, many people won’t read the email carefully and in its entirety so you definitely need a killer headline, too. In this article we will help you to write a winner email which is obviously the most important part of email marketing.


So you have to understand all the different factors and the intent of the readers when writing your email copies. Don’t hurry when it comes to editing. Actually this part is the main point of your whole email marketing project. Interesting fact people spend only 2 seconds in avergare deciding to read the email or close it for ever. Well, it means you have almost 2 seconds to grab their attention and keep it until the end of your email. The whole success of your email marketing campaign depends on this.

Now you understand why it’s so important to write a killer email and why do you have to invest a lot of energy into this process. Anyway you are very lucky to found this article so you don’t have to learn from your own failure. Let’s read the following 15 tips which will make your email marketing successful.

1. Keep It Short

People don’t have time opening emails or maybe they do have but they don’t want to spend it on reading them. So when people open your email don’t take their time as given or guaranteed. Very important to value their time. It’s the first key of successful email marketing campaigns. Whatever you have to say complete it in limited words. Don’t over-explain it and never include information that’s irrelevant or is not required. Just be clear and concise.

2. “Give Them Value” Mindset

Instead of thinking “How do I get subscribers buy this?” or “They will click on the link come to the sales page and then buy.” change your mindset to “How do I bring them more value?!”. So the key is providing more value to the recipients and you will automatically have a magnetic email copy that converts. And in final this is what email marketing about. This little thing can bring a huge difference in the result of your campaign.

3. Use a Personalized Tone

Refer them in second person as “you” and “your”. Act like you are friends but don’t take it too long. Instead of “we” refer yourself in the first person – “I”, “My” or “Me”. Don’t take it like a business email despite of the fact it’s still just an email marketing campaign. Including the name of the recipient has also a positiv effect – “Hey, John.” Almost every email marketing services provide this feature.


If you could provide more personalization, don’t hesitate. It all depends on your content. If you asked for more user details during signup like their location you can send something like “Yes, it’s too hot in Barcelona. Do you know what could help?”. Email marketing is about being creative and being able to make connection with the clients. It’s a telant but it can be learnt with experience. Personalization is a very effective key of high conversion.

4. Be as Clear as Possible

No fancy words needed. Nobody cares your never-ending lines and no one want to read explaining things that are too complex. Your email copy must be as clean, clear and understandable as possible. Something interesting which catches attention. Something which is a solution to a problem subscribers facing, your solution and it’s benefits – besides these three things you do not have to include much in your email marketing campaign.

After you finished writing your kick-ass email let’s have a break, drink a coffee and take a look at your final product. Is it clear? Is it easy to read, impressive and understandable? If so, you did a great job. If not, re-edit until it will be the perfect one. Email marketing is about simplicity and clarity.

5. Jump Right into the Middle

“Hello, how are you? Hope you’re doing fine…” – This is the right way to make your client close your email immediately. It’s an old, cliché and boring way to start your email. Lot of email marketers do this every single day and I can make you sure those email marketing campaigns are not successful at all.

The beginning is very important so don’t waste it by exchanging pleasantries. Start with a relevant statistic that catches attention. Or simply start by mentioning the problem the recipients are facing with. Next key point of email marketing is the “problem & it’s solution”. For example: “Even after spending hours with work out you’re struggling to get in the desired shape?” or “You’re producing kick-ass content but nobody reads it. Ever wondered why?” When you mention the problem people are facing with you would immediately get their attention.

6. Avoid Heavy Designs

Keep your emails plain, simple and text-based. Of course design could help a lot make people open the email and keep reading until the end. But the text and it’s content is always first. Heavy designs can get your email to the Spam box and that spam folder is the worst thing can happen during email marketing. You can also end up in the “promotion” tab which is not much better than spam folder. However you can design your email and we highly recommend to do so but don’t take it too far.

7. Avoid Trigger Words

There are many words that if you use in your email copy can get that email filtered as Spam or Promotion. So when you’re writing an email avoid such trigger words. It’s actually easier as it sounds. Just don’t use words that sound spammy and promotional. Avoid words that sound exaggerated and an attempt to get people to click on any link. Also don’t use CAPSLOCK.

Here are the most common trigger words you should avoid.

8. Format It Properly

Have no more than three lines in one paragraph. Divide your email copy into different headings and sub-headings but avoid using too many of them. In short, format your email in a very clean way that’s relaxing and convenient to eyes. The best email marketing copies are a kind of pleasure to read. If you feel good when you look at your email you formatted the right way.

9. Mention The Problem First

As mentioned before you need to focus a lot on the person’s problem. After all, the reason why people will to read your email is it points their problems and then likely provides them a good solution. So whenever you write an email marketing copy start the entire process by focusing the problems first. It’s simple psychology, people love contacting with those who understand them. This will open many doors for conversion.

10. Repeat Your “Call to Action”

You want the subscriber to act after reading your emails. Not only should you explicitly mention what she/he should do but you should also repeat the CTA (Call to Action) for maximum effectiveness to ensure she/he really understands what needs to be done next. So in the body repeat your call-to-action without sounding too pushy, of course. CTA is very important in email marketing.


11. Relevant Body

Ensure the body is relevant to your subject line. If you’re making a promise on the subject line make sure you’re delivering on that promise in the email body. If your Subject is “You will never have problems getting your child to sleep again” then be sure your email copy does have a fitting solution – and not some rhetoric like “Let her sleep whenever she wants to”. When your email body doesn’t match your subject line, it hurts your trust value. Trust is the next key of email marketing. They won’t spends any money without trust. Moreover the next time you send them an email they will less likely open and read it.

12. Don’t Include Too Many Links

Instead of providing all the links in the email itself, get subscribers to come to a personalized landing page and then navigate from there to different pages. Plus, including too many links filter out your email in the Promotion or Social tab which will reduce it’s open rate and CTR value. Moreover it might even get your emails to the Spam folder which will murder your email marketing campaign. So avoid including too many links in the email. Three seems ideal but two links are perfectly enough.

13. Learn From Big Players

Your successful competitors run email marketing campaigns, too. Why don’t you learn from them? Let’s subscribe to the email lists of some of the really big companies like Apple, Omaze, Walmart and so on. Soon you will receive your first email marketing campaign from them so you can read their emails. See the kind of email copy they produce. Learn and get inspired!

14. Do Split Testing

Split testing is the last key of successful email marketing. Try different formats, words, length, time, and call to action. Test, test, and test. As we mentioned before once you finished yout copy don’t accept as a final result. Have a rest and re-edit, create more copies and compare them.

split test

Let’s find out which combination works best for you. After all your needs and goals are unique. Others can guide you but they can’t tell you what’s the best for you. That is something you will have to find out yourself and it requires time and energy. However it worth to invest because once your email marketing starts to generate profit into you wallet you will feel awesome. When all of your efforts return that means you’ve finally found out which way it works for you the best. It’s something you need to learn and practice to become successful.

15. Let Them Leave

It’s rather a rule than a tip but it’s better to mention. Always give your audience an unsubscrie link. Put it to the very end of your email and make the whole sentence smaller. It’s a must in email marketing by the law and hey, if they wanna leave…


With this article we gave you something which is really valuable. Even if some of the tips were kinda evident for you a lot of email marketers make the same mistakes. Maybe they should read this article, too. Don’t be fool burning your money. Write your email copies according to our tips and your email marketing campaigns will be profitable for sure!

In case you still need some help or advices kindly read other articles, too. You can find evertyting on this website you will ever need running successful email marketing business.