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In this article you will find the top 4 full-service email marketing comanies and marketing automation agencies with useful tools and features. If you are new to this business yet, kindly read our article “Email Marketing Guide for Beginners“.

So you have an online business which is ready to bloom, right? You know you must to have a successful campaign to finally get the attention your business deserves. Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. In this article we will review the best email marketing companies out there.

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It’s important to understand that a lot of your success with email marketing depends entirely on the company you choose because they are responsible your emails actually get delivered. If you are not careful enough you will end up paying a lot more money for fewer features and terrible email deliverability rates which causes you to lose even more money… or even kill your whole email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing service should enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface (ideally drag & drop). You should be able to easily send bulk emails that are actually personalized and targeted without a lot of work. This is also known as marketing automation. Most importantly a good email marketing company ensures that your emails do not end up in the spam folder.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is also a very popular email marketing company. It is extremely easy to use and simplifies email marketing for small online businesses. It comes with some amazing marketing automation tools which allow you to create smart automated campaigns. They also have a drag and drop builder, you can create campaigns, segment contacts and send content designed for specific groups. All these tools help you create effective campaigns to boost your profits.


GetResponse has some beautiful responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, tracking and autoresponders. It also integrates with third party lead generation software like SalesForce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc. Support is provided by phone, live chat, and email which is a must in email marketing business because you will have a lot of questions for sure. Moreover they have a help section which is full of free learning material including videos, webinars and guides.

They offer a good range of analytics and reporting options. You get all the basics of course – open rate, click-through, unsubscribe rates and so on. In addition there are some very nifty reporting features that are worth a particular mention. GetResponse is a highly costumer freindly email marketing company which allows even small online businesses to get started. If you wanna know more about thier services kindly visit the website!


  • They offer a 30-day free trial and pricing starts at $15/month with 1,000 list size.
  • Plans are the following: Basic, Plus, Professional & Enterprise which can be requested with 100,000+ list size and it comes with costum pricing.
  • Plans also come with several pricing option according to your list size.

2. Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a professional bulk email software that enables you to create and send unlimited emails to boost your email marketing campaigns. The remarkable speed this program can reach in deliver is achieved by utilizing your internet connection to its best via multiple threads delivery technology. Your emails are delivered through the built-in SMTP server that connects directly to your contacts’ mail service. After sending you can view the status of all emails and generate a report that includes failed or successful deliveries. This way you can boost the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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Atomic offers you a downloadable software which is kinda different solution comparing to other email marketing companies. However it’s not a disadvantage at all. Atomic Mail Sender also allows you to easily create HTML emails and customize them with backgrounds and images using its WYSIWYG editor which is a must for email marketing. In the latest version of the software the built-in image editor also allows you to resize and crop the picture, flip it horizontally or vertically, change the brightness of the image and contrast.

Atomic Mail Sender software includes primary mailing list management tools and lets import contacts from CSV, TXT, XLS, DOC, DOCX, MDB or ACCDB files, or from an Outlook address book (of course, you can also add them manually). Besides that, the latest version of the software has added new exciting features such as proxy server check – that will show if the server is online or offline, determining its speed of connection and defining the proxy server name – and link check to avoid sending email marketing messages with invalid or dead links. For more information please go to their website.


  • They offer a trial version of the mail sender which lets you send 200 emails.
  • The software costs 80€ and comes with a Free plan or Monthly Subscription.
  • Free plan lets you send out 15,000/month to 2,500 addresses.
  • Monthly Subscription plans will let you send unlimited emails.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing company in the world. It is also the most easy to use email marketing service. Each accounts give you access to easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a powerful eCommerce integration for Shopify stores.

Aside from online training they also offer in-person live seminars across the United States. This allows small businesses to quickly learn the basics of email marketing and start using it to grow their business like a pro. Constant Contact offers unmatched support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a vast library of helpful resources.

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Constant Contact has a smooth feel and almost always gives back more than you put into it. The better your skills in composition and design, the better this suite will engage your craft in email marketing. If you’re not really into complex “back end” matters like analytics, CTA, efficiency, and delivery success, that’s still okay. You’ll still be able to feel the “pulse” and like many things the rest will come with time. One thing is for sure they give you literally everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign.

The best part it grows on you over time instead of impressing you upfront and then disappointing. Their “work-on-it-anywhere” app is chock full of tools for social marketing, surveys and campaigns, monitoring, scheduling, automation and similar workflows, to design, custom templates, storage, libraries, hosting and more. If you wanna know more about thier email marketing services kindly visit the website!


  • Constant Contact has a 60-day free trial (no credit-card required). After that their pricing starts as low as $20/month.
  • Actually they have 2 plans which is amazing because it makes the whole plan slection process very easy for beginners.
  • Email plan starts from $20/month. This price can increase according to your contact list size.
  • Email Plus plan starts from $45/month with more features.

4. AWeber

Aweber is a highly recommended email marketing service. It’s like a hidden treasure…. no kidding actully it’s one of the best & oldest email marketing companie in the world. They offer a wide-range of tools for small and medium sized businesses to manage their email marketing. Getting started with AWeber is really easy and user friendly. It connects seamlessly to most main platforms like WordPress for example. It recommended for beginners, too.

Email Marketing Company

Pennsylvania-based AWeber have been in the email marketing business for over 20 years. One of their biggest claims they invented the autoresponder, which is no small thing. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of their promoted features is marketing automation. They were the first email marketing company offered this feature.

Apart from automation, AWeber offers split testing and their ‘Email Web Analytics’ allows you to use your own domain in links you want to track clicks for. It makes tracking product sales very easy. They also have not only one but three mobile apps! They also offer a smart email designer that gathers logos, images, brand colors and text from websites and social media channels to create “ready-to-send” email marketing templates. If you wanna know more about thier service kindly visit the website!


  • They offer a 30 day Free Trial period and after that you can choose from 6 plans.
  • All plans come with unlimited emails and all features available.
  • $19/month plan allows you to work with upto 500 subscribers.
  • $29/month allows upto 2,500 subscribers.
  • $49/month allows 5,000 subscribers.
  • $69/month allows 10,000 subscribers.
  • $149/month allows 25,000 subscribers.
  • Above 25,000 subscribers you can ask for a costum plan.


Actually all of the listed websites are professionals and fit even for beginners. However keep in mind if you want to choose the best email marketing company you have to do it in your own way. It all depends on your personal needs and your list. We can’t tell you which is the best from above but we can guarantee they are all fine and stand on the top comparing to others. Choosing any of them even randomly you won’t make a mistake for sure.

Email Marketing Companies

Anyway let us summarize in a few sentences. AWeber is the oldest email marketing service in this game. Obviously it comes with more experiences. Their pricing is quite good and they focus on the subscribers size when we compare plans. They offer unlimited emails which is a huge advantage. Constant Contact also offers unlimited emails and GetResponse come with different list sizes.

All the main necessary features can be find every of them like simple drag and drop tools, social media sharing tools, free image library, A/B testing, contact management and costumer support. They also include email visit tracking and monitoring tools. You can find only one email marketing company which is different than other competitors. Atomic Mail Sender is actually a downloadable software which you will run on desktop. However it has all the features you will ever need. Kindly visit our other articles if you wanna know more about email marketing.