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So first of all we have to make it clear. Web marketing services are technology platforms that mediate the sales of ad inventory between publishers and advertisers. They are used exclusively for digital media and online ads. Web marketing services are collecting an enormous volume of impressions from publishers and then putting them up for sale to advertisers. Most publishers putting up their ad space for sale these services look for to secure buyers for them. Actually this is a billion dollars industry and it’s still growing day by day.

If you are looking for the best web marketing company you are at the best place. We have tested all of the companies wich you will find on this website so you don’t have to burn your money on testing different advertising networks. So in a nutshell, web marketing services bring together impressions from multiple publishers and sell them to advertisers. They make it extremely convenient for advertisers and publishers to interact with each other and carry out a meaningful transaction.

web marketing services

There are 3 main Ad formats and many companies which you can choose from. Being able to choose the best one is highly depends on your goals. If you run affiliate business you should use Native or Push ads for example but more about it later in this article. Before we would jump into the middle here are the top pricing options. It’s important to understand how web marketing services work and what you will pay for.

  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
  • Viewable CPM (vCPM)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost-per-view for video (CPV)

All the companies use these options so it’s good to be familiar with them. We will focus on CPC in our articles because as you can see it shows you how much you will to pay for each visitors. However other pricing options are important, too. Check the one which is more important for you depending on your business and budget. Now you know the basics so let’s see the 3 Main Ad formats. Usually all the web marketing services we list on our website work with these ad formats at the same time.

1. Display Ads

Display advertising is a well-known method of attracting the audience of a website, social media platform or other digital mediums to take a specific action. These are often made up of text-based, image or video advertisements that encourage the user to click-through to a landing page and take action. For example you can see display ads when you search for something in google or scroll your facebook feed. Kindly read our article “Main Display Ad Web Marketing Services” for the best web marketing services which work with display advertising.

display ads

There are more forms of Display Ads. Your web marketing campaigns can come in several shapes and sizes. So get know with the main forms below.

  • Banner Ads: One of the oldest and traditional forms of advertising, banner ads usually appear at the top of websites in a “banner” format.
  • Interstitial Ads: These ads appear as web pages that are served to users before they are directed to the original page they requested.
  • Rich Media: These ads include interactive elements, such as video, audio and clickable elements.
  • Video Ads: The YouTube advertising platform, as well as social networks like Instagram and Facebook, have opened a whole new avenue for marketers. Video ads allow you to reach your audience and connect with them on a personal level, and are well worth investing in.

As is the case with all marketing activities, display campaigns can come with their own pros and cons. For more information about it kindly read our article “Main Display Ad Web Marketing Services“. But for now keep reading this article for the next Ad Format.

2. Native Ads

Native advertising is one of the most popular and most profitable ad formats ever. According to eMarketer, the native ad spends in the US alone will climb up to $52.75 billion by 2020. It’s not surprising many web marketing services offer native ad possibilities. However we have collected only the bests of them for you. In our article “Top 5 Native Web Marketing Services” you can find your very best which fits for your campaign the most.

native ads

When browsing publication websites or social media platforms, you might have come across posts with titles such as “Sponsored Posts”, “Promoted Stories” or “Recommended for You”. When you click on them you’re redirected to a third-party website. This is an example of native advertising. Native ads also when you don’t even notice the actual ads are not the part of the article you are reading. They look like just an other post on the website. So you will be redirected to an other website without even noticing it. Web marketing services are mostly focus on this kind of native advertising. See the types below.

  • In-Feed/In-Content
  • Recommendation Ads
  • Branded/Native Content

Native Ads are widely used by affiliate marketers. Actually this is the most profitble ad format for affiliate businesses. You can find the best web marketing services which work with native ads in our article “Top 5 Native Web Marketing Services” or you can keep reading for the next Ad format.

3. Push Ads

Have you ever wondered how that notification message pops up on your desktop or mobile device got there and by the way… what the heck are them? Well… they are “Push Ads”. Push technology was quickly noticed by other brands in the mobile space after Blackberry came up with it firstly. We can mention also Apple here who further built on the foundations of Push tech when they developed the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). However there are several web marketing services you can buy Push traffics from. Kindly check out our article “Top 3 Push Web Marketing Services” and choose your favourite.

push ads

Both mobile and desktop users receiving browser based notifications don’t require an app to be installed in order to receive a message. This has the benefit of being able to target people who haven’t downloaded an app but comes at the expense of user personalization. Anyway with mobile Push, there’s a world of engagement opportunities that desktop Push just doesn’t have. So most of the web marketing services are mostly focus on mobil targeting.

Push ads have insane performance stats and work for just about any type of campaigns. As all users have personally opted-in to receive notifications from services they are genuinely interested in, you can enjoy high quality traffic to your offers. With push ads you can target billions of users worldwide, giving you huge reach potential for your campaigns. There are several web marketing companies you can choose from in case you want to run Push Ads. From our article “Top 3 Push Web Marketing Services” you can read more about them.

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