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display advertising

Choosing one of the web marketing services can be the key of the success. But before we would list the 2 main Display Advertising services let’s see what are the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s fit for your web marketing campaign.


  • Many agencies offer very low CPM (cost-per-impression) rates, meaning that a successful display advertising campaign will be very cost-effective in the long run.
  • By selecting relevant host sites and keywords, marketers know that the people seeing their advertisements will be within the target demographic. This allows more control and better targeting than most other marketing methods.
  • Display advertising is so well-established that agencies have streamlined the process – ad space is available in set sizes and this helps to reduce the possible complications when designing a marketing campaign.
display ads


  • The use of online ad blockers is growing rapidly across the Middle East, with over 144 million internet users having an active advertisement blocking software in effect. Ad blockers result in a loss of banner impressions, conversions and sales and can have a drastically negative effect on marketing campaigns.
  • Premium ad spaces are offered within select groups and can be difficult to infiltrate and claim for campaigns.
  • Advertising spaces are offered through an auction-style system, this means that the potential for bidding wars is rife and sought-after placements can see very high costs.

You can go to “Top 5 Native Web Marketing Services” if you think this is not the perfect ad format for your campaigns. Check out our article “Top 3 Push Web Marketing Services” or keep reading this for the main display services.

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the biggest web marketing services ever. Probably everyone knows it who lives on the planet earth. It broadcasts different kinds of ads across the Google platform. Every time a customer searches something related to the business’ products or services their ad will show up on top of the results.

google adwords

Google AdWords is a cost-efficient advertising platform. Businesses only pay a fee when interested people click on the link to their website. Plus, users can start with any budget, enabling them to invest only the amount they are able to. Which means you can run your ads even if you have only $10. However CPC can be pretty huge if you target tier 1 countries. There are other web marketing services with much lower CPC rates. Most of the listed Native services also offer Display Ad format for lower CPC rates but first keep reading this article fir the 2 main Display web marketing companie.

Advertisers have to choose which kind of ads they wish to display with Google AdWords. The platform supports text-based search ads, graphics display ads, video ads, and in-app ads. It affords advertisers the ability to broadcast their ads to a set an exact location. This means that they can advertise locally in their respective cities, regions, districts, or countries. This enables businesses to better get in touch with their intended audiences. However other web marketing services also have this kind of features nowadays.

2. Facebook Ads

With more than 1 billion worldwide users and millions of advertisers, Facebook also has a formidable display network known as the Audience Network. Just like Google it’s also a well-known platform when we talk about web marketing services. Facebook Ad network is dedicated to extremely high standards in terms of quality and company legitimacy. They don’t deal with adult or explicit material, and they help some of the biggest brands in the country get the results they want. Their CPC is quite low so you will be able to get quality visitors on a good price. Also you can run your web marketing campaign with any budget you have even if it’s $10 only.

facebook ads

If you already advertise on Facebook the transition to using their Audience Network should be fairly simple. Facebook Ads also lets you to advertise on Instagram. Honestly there are not much competitors of Facebook in Display Ads. This network can be used for eCommerce businesses and website promotion, too. We wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of sensitive content, cryptocurrency or affiliate. For these kind of activities we would rather recommend to choose one of the Native or Push web marketing services. However, with Facebook you can target an exact location by countries, cities and you can also use keywords which will help you to get your ads visible for the right audience.

These are the 2 main Display companies you can use for advertising. We could list some others, too but honestly we don’t want you to focus on main Display companies when there are some golden web marketing services which offer more possibilites to advertise.

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