Top 5 Email List Verification Services

the best email list verfication services

Email verification is the most important task which almost everyone does while performing email marketing. As people who provide their email details often make mistake and even provide invalid email addresses. Email verification is a means to ensure the message a sender wishes to send to an address gets delivered. The process works by validating the existence of an email address, so the message sent would not bounce or trigger anti-spam blocking mechanisms on the receiver’s end.

email verification

Some security solutions may not be equipped to do that and so the sender can end up on a spam blacklist which is the worst thing in the email marketing business. Why? Because if your emails land right into the spam or promotion folder that means it’s over. It absolutely kills your whole campaign. I can make you sure nobody will see or read your further emails. The worst thing about it your domain won’t get deleted from blacklist ever so you better giving up on that.

So email verification can help users avoid the hassle that results from being tagged as “spammers.” That’s why we collected the best verification services for you. We tested them with many email marketing campaigns so you don’t have to. Simply read our review and choose the one which fits for you.

1. Pabbly

Real-time verification is possible with the Pabbly email verification service. One thing is sure, they will help you getting a victory in the game of email marketing. They identifies all the invalid, fake and bad email addresses from the list, and freshen up them very quickly. To verify, they send a ping request to the recipients email server. The server responds back to the ping request and tells whether the email is valid or invalid.


Sending ping requests at an ideal speed is very important and Pabbly is one of the best in this game. They know what is email marketing about so guarantee the most accurate results. The verification is really fast even with a lot of addresses and their pricing is golden.


  • It cost you only $5 for cleaning 1,000 emails.
  • $25 for cleaning 10,000.
  • $599 for cleaning 1,000,000 emails.
  • A cost calculator is given on the website.

2. Clearout

Clearout is an other highly accurate email validation service for email marketing activities. With the use of this service you can freshen all the wrong and inactive email addresses from your email list and provides the best results. All you have to do is upload the unclean list to its client area and they will give you a cleaned email list that you can send for your email marketing campaigns.


It automatically removes all the duplicate email addresses with improving overall deliverability hygiene. Clearout verifies the email address against anti-spam lists which would kill your emal marketing campaign. You will also get auto-suggestion of words and sentences. Auto suggestion eliminates the chance of spelling mistakes.


  • Clearout provides credits and one credit is equal to one billable email.
  • They give you 500 credit for free so you can test their service.
  • It will cost you only $5 for 1000 credits.
  • For 5000 credits you have to pay $25.
  • For more pricing details check out their website.

3. EmailListVerify

This is just an other excellent email list verification service which helps you to be successful in email marketing business. Their customer support desk is very helpful as they respond to inquiries quickly. EmailListVerify is a great solution that eliminates fake email address which reduces our operating costs. Removing the bad address has made our database to be more accurate and ensuring our future campaigns are effective.


Registration is easy and the tools are user friendly. They have a free trial and their prices are fair compared some other tools that charge about thrice their price. It does not take long before one can get the verified list though it depends on the size of the list of emails. EmailListVerify does it’s best for your email marketing with 99% ensured deliverability.


  • They will give you 100 free verification as a test.
  • 1,000 email cost only $4.
  • You will pay $24 for 10,000.
  • 1,000,000 addresses cost only $599.
  • For more pricing and service details check out their website.

4. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an award-winning email validation service provider. Their system ensures that complex, high-volume email lists are scrubbed clean of spam traps, disposable, invalid and other harmful addresses. This is accomplished by using their industry-leading list cleaning technology in conjunction with a proprietary A.I.-based email scoring and catch-all validation system. Actually they are the leader in email marketing industry. Not only does this result in cleaned email lists, but also, you’re provided a .zip file with all of your emails broken out. They also supply a PDF overview which will list to your top 10 domains, validation results and their data append results.


ZeroBounce is committed to safe-guarding your data. Their systems are GDPR-compliant, the company adheres to the US-EU-Swiss Privacy Shield Framework, and they are currently in the process of obtaining SOC 2 Compliance. In email marketing business the privacy is first and ZeroBounce is the number one in this game. When people check their pricing they don’t understand why is it more expensive than others but it has a really good reason.

While other competitors cache results and use them again for other customers’ validations, ZeroBounce does not take this approach. They will always validate your data in real time. They do not use cached results from other customers. This is a big difference in why they are more accurate than the competition. The good thing about this is you are paying for data that you are actually getting. Maybe it’s not a question anymore why everyone think them first when it comes to email marketing.


  • You can try their service for free with 100 email addresses/ month.
  • There is a simple pay-as-you-go plan where pricing begins at $16 for 2000 email validation credits.
  • Another is a subscription-based plan which offers pricing discounts for recurring credit package purchases.
  • Enterprise-level account is used by large corporations. They can validate millions of email addresses on a regular basis in both real time and via file uploads. 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA.
  • Their pricing is very specific according your needs so kindly chech out their website!

5. DeBounce

DeBounce guarantees the refund of credits if they have not lived up to their deliverability standards. Qualifying customers can receive additional verification credits, up to 5 times the amount. E.g., If the accuracy rate achieved is 97%, i.e. lower by 1% for what is guaranteed (98%) on everything else. They will add 5 x 1% of total validation credits for those emails to account balance which is pretty cool and kinda unique in the email marketing world.


Debounce is the comparatively new player on the market. You will be able to create the best out of custom reports and you will also be able to specify the kind of data that you need to analyze. Also, you will be able to get the most unique reports so that your email marketing campaign can be one of a kind and they can also be exported to any destination in a hassle-free manner. Despite of the fact they are new in email marketing industry they are still one of the bests.


  • You will get 100 free credits when you sign up.
  • 5,000 verifications cost only $10.
  • 100,000 address verification for $90.
  • You will pay only $500 for 1,000,000 email address cleaning.
  • They are one of cheapest but check out their website yourself for more pricing info.


To be honest… you can choose any of the listed services. They are all professionals in email marketing industry and guarantee a high accurate. All you have to consider is their pricing so actually everything depends on your budget. It’s not even a question the award-winning ZeroBounce is the leader on our list and just like in email marketing world. However all the others give you almost the same result.


If you are dealing with a really huge email database and you have new email lists every single month then you definitely want to choose ZeroBounce. But if you are a smaller player in email marketing game then you can choose DeBounce or EmailListVerify which are the most cheaper with the very best result.

Choose Clearout or Pabbly if you are willing to spend a little bit more money on email verification in the hope of a bit higher accurate. We have tried all of the services above and we can highly recommend any of them. We also tested other competitors, too and it has the reason why you can’t find them in our list. Email marketing requires hard-work and creativity. so if you still need some help kindly read our others articles, too.